Montag, 12. September 2011

Swimbait Rod

Hey guys,

this is the latest project of mine. Its a swimbait rod for a buddy, who is attempt to start fishing with big baits for pike.
The rod measures 8' has an mod/fast action and is partable in the hand section.
Most of the parts are ordered from Matagi Japan, like the Fuji K-Sic guides and the Titanium tip top. As well as the reel seat. Its a Fuji PSS (Palming Support System).
The seat is painted with an original Porsche metallic brown and clear coated with an extra hard 2-K.
Coz of the 28mm thick thick EVA-grip was it not possible for me to get decorative metal rings and a butt cap in that diameter. Therefore do I have to turn on my engine lathe, to lathe some rings and the butt cap.The good thing is he'll never find them a 2nd time on a rod ;-)

The guides are tethered with a chocolate brown thread contrasted with metallic silver. I used 9+1 guides from #16 to #7.

I went to the water on Sunday, shoot some pictures in the sunshine and to make some casts.
Lures between 90 an 200g are good castable with that rod. The best casting weight span is 150g +/-30g.
Its easy to cast the lures precisely and its easy to feel what is going on on the end of the line.

Hope you guys like it...

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