Sonntag, 25. September 2011

"Black and White" Jigging Rod 8' 6"

Hey Folks,

just another rod out of my workshop. In contrast to my last rods is my latest a spinning version.
Beside the blank, a Spin System 3 10-60g, have I got all components from Matagi Japan.
I cut 4" off on the tip to make the rod finally a bit heavier. The finished rod is now 8' 6".  To have during fishing an improved grip did I choose a Fuji-IPS seat. The seat is painted with a metallic black and three coats of 2K clear coat. In the sun does it look really gorgeous. I like It :-)

Both ends of the grip have a small stripe of white EVA. Doesn't it look elegant and sporty? Beside the double winding checks is it an eye catcher.
Meanwhile do I love the Fuji K-Guides. On this rod did I use nine Titanium KLSG and KTSG combined with T-FST tip top. The guide size are between #30 on the starter and #7 on the top.

On the water was I surprised to held such a sensitive rod in my hands. Almost every stone felt like a bite.
During the first minutes did I answer the stone bites appropriately.
Casting is very accurate, even on long range casts.

Here are some pictures of my test fishing trip on this sunny sunday....

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