Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2011

Rodbuilding- 7' 7" Jigging Rod

Here is one of my latest rod building projects. Its a 7' 7" baitcast rod with a cast weight of 3.5oz.
The rod is primary build for jigging applications with soft baits. But hard baits like cranks or twitch baits are perform as well very nice on this rod.

Almost all parts are ordered at MATAGI in Japan.
I used Fuji-Titanium K-Guides, EVA, different carbon tubes and a variety of metal parts. I used a fast blank, ordered in Germany. Its a kind of a prototype bought  from an acquaintance, who deals with rod building parts.

Coz of the length have I decided  to use an offset handle. Even with that is the sensitivity not affected. Au contraire, almost all moves of the lure are noticeable.

I was a bit surprised, that it is easy to cast the lure far and place 'em precisely.

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