Samstag, 9. Juli 2011

CTS light baitcast rod

Hi guys,

I´d like to introduce you to have a look on a new custom baitcast rod I make during the last days.
Some weeks ago have I got some CTS Elite Blanks and an acquaintance ask me to make an light rod for him.
Different calls later  we had a concept which might fit. Finally the rod should fit to a Shimano Aldebaran. Therefore shall the base colors be black, gray/silver/titanium with applications in gold.

We thought about different guide concepts. At the end the final decision was to apply a micro guide concept guide system. The benefits of the concept are things like ultimate line control, a lighter overall rod weight, a significant increase in casting distance, a substantial improvement in accuracy.

I used a CTS Elite F (fast) Blank with an original length of 6' 6" and a line wt. of 8-14lb. The lure wt is approximately 3/16-3/4.
As claimed, the rod shouldn´t be longer than 6' 1". According to this the first step was to take the saw and cut the blank in length.

Good experiences with American Tackle guides helped us to make a clear decision what kind of guides should be used for this project. Titanium Micro Guides and all other stuff were quick ordered from mudhole. The mean thing was, that it took so long until I held my parcel in my hands. Fortunately it was possible to begin instantly.

The ordered and used single foot guides have sizes as following 8, 6, 5, 7x4 plus #4 tip top.
EVA in best quality has been used for the split grip which was decorated with an carbon pipe and different metal parts. As I had done it on all of my custom rods, is the seat for this rod painted as well. I´ve chosen silver, that should be fit well to the color of the reel.
Umpteen metal parts in titanium and gold helped to adjust the image.
The guide windings were made with ProWrap Color Fast in gray (831) combined with a decorative wrap in gold.
After some days I was able to finalize the project.
The coatings had cured and I went to the water, to check the characteristics of the rod and to shoot some pictures. As expected it was very precisely to cast, combined with a nice casting distance. The best measured cast was 34m or 112ft with a 13g lure (without wind). I´ve tested lures on this rod between 6g and 22g. All of them were easy to cast. The distance with the lightest one was between measured 25m and almost 30m.

The rod is coz of the fast action not that good for topwater applications. But cranks, minnows and related  lures are nice to fish. Thanks to the great sensitivity the rod is great for bottom applications like jigs and rigs. Almost every stone, even in long distance, was touchable and the paddle tail of the used jigs was perfect noticeable.

Well I think/hope my acquaintance will like that rod. I like it and its just fun to be on the water with that rod.

Best regards

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